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Fireproofing and fire retardant rockwool for floors.

Fitting fireproof rockwool under your floorboards.


When KG from South Tyneside started his loft conversion he was informed that new regulations will mean fitting fire tardant rockwool beneath every floorboard in his flat to protect from any possible fire from below.

In our photo you can see the wooden lats and plaster of the ceiling downstairs, should a fire break out below, the heat from the fire causes the lats to expand which literally blows of the plaster ceiling, allowing the flames to travel up to the next level of the house.

Installing non combustible rock mineral wool by lifting the original floorboards, laying a chicken wire mesh then suspending the wool gives an extra layer of protection and is a part of building regulations on some county councils.

If you’re planning a loft conversion always speak to the local council and be sure to know the building regulations before you start.

If you have any questions about fireproofing or insulation please feel free to ask using the comments section below and we’ll do our best to answer.