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Sliding Robes to Maximise Storage Space

Sliding Wardrobes

Many people converting their loft like yourself, are keen to maximise and make best use of the extra storage it will create.

Of course, due to the sloping ceilings which can’t be avoided, traditional freestanding storage furniture such as wardrobes, chest of drawers etc aren’t the best answer. Wardrobes are to tall and chest of drawers wastes space behind unless they fit perfect into the eaves.

This is where custom sliding robes become the ideal option to create a valuable and stylish way to store everything you treasure.

Manufactures offer made to measure doors, in a variety of colours, styles and finishes to cater to every taste. Coloured glass, different wood finishes and mirrored doors are all options provided by bespoke manufacturers.

Interior storage options offer all kinds of ways to keep your clothes and possessions organised. Simple hanging rails, wire shelves and baskets and drawers and cabinets are all popular.

Interior sliding robes

Keeping to this modular approach lets you mix and match to find best approach for your individual needs.